Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in Poland for Foreigners

Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in Poland for Foreigners

Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in Poland for Foreigners

Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in Poland for Foreigners. Poland, a vibrant and rapidly growing economy in Central Europe, offers a plethora of opportunities for foreigners seeking employment. While many job seekers target skilled positions, there is a significant demand for unskilled labor as well. For those requiring visa sponsorship, Poland presents an attractive destination with numerous entry-level job opportunities in various sectors. This article explores the landscape of unskilled jobs in Poland for foreigners, the visa sponsorship process, job sectors, and tips for securing employment.

About Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in Poland for Foreigners

Sponsorship Visa : Yes 

Position : Multiple

Number Of Vacancies : Multiple

Salary : $30 per hour

Education : Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School

Location : Poland

Understanding Visa Sponsorship in Poland

Visa sponsorship is a process where a Polish employer sponsors a foreign national to work in Poland legally. This sponsorship involves the employer providing a job offer and necessary documentation to support the visa application. Key points to consider:

  • Work Permit: Foreigners from non-EU countries generally need a work permit to work in Poland. The employer must obtain this permit on behalf of the employee.
  • Types of Work Permits: There are several types of work permits in Poland, including Type A (for employment under a contract with an employer based in Poland) and Type B (for managing activities of a limited liability company).
  • Residence Permit: In addition to a work permit, a residence permit is required to live and work in Poland for an extended period.

Sectors Offering Unskilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Agriculture and Farming

Poland’s agricultural sector is a significant part of its economy, requiring a large workforce for various tasks such as planting, harvesting, and packaging. Unskilled jobs in this sector often include:

  • Fruit and Vegetable Picking: Seasonal work in orchards and farms.
  • Farm Laborers: General farm maintenance and livestock care.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Poland’s manufacturing and warehousing industries offer numerous unskilled job opportunities, including:

  • Assembly Line Workers: In factories producing electronics, automotive parts, and consumer goods.
  • Warehouse Staff: Roles in packaging, loading, and inventory management.


The construction industry in Poland is booming, with a constant need for unskilled laborers. Common positions include:

  • Construction Laborers: Assisting skilled workers, site preparation, and material handling.
  • Helpers and Cleaners: General site maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Hospitality and Catering

The hospitality sector in Poland is thriving, particularly in tourist cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk. Unskilled jobs in this sector include:

  • Kitchen Assistants: Supporting chefs and kitchen staff in restaurants and hotels.
  • Housekeeping Staff: Cleaning and maintaining hotel rooms and public areas.

Retail and Services

Retail and service industries offer a variety of entry-level jobs suitable for foreigners, such as:

  • Shop Assistants: Stocking shelves, cashier duties, and customer service.
  • Cleaning Staff: Working in malls, offices, and public facilities.

How To Apply For Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in Poland for Foreigners


Application Process for Unskilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Finding Job Opportunities

  1. Job Portals and Websites: Websites like, Indeed, and LinkedIn list numerous job openings. Look for positions that mention visa sponsorship.
  2. Recruitment Agencies: Agencies specializing in placing foreign workers can be a valuable resource. Agencies like Work Service and Gremi Personal offer services tailored to foreigners seeking employment in Poland.
  3. Networking: Connecting with expatriates and professional groups in Poland can provide leads and recommendations.

Preparing Your Application

  1. Resume and Cover Letter: Tailor your resume and cover letter to the job you are applying for, highlighting any relevant experience and willingness to relocate.
  2. Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary documents ready, including a valid passport, educational certificates, and any previous work experience letters.

Visa Application Process

  1. Job Offer: Secure a job offer from a Polish employer willing to sponsor your visa.
  2. Work Permit Application: Your employer will apply for a work permit on your behalf. This process can take several weeks.
  3. Visa Application: Once the work permit is approved, apply for a visa at the Polish consulate or embassy in your home country. Submit all required documents, including the work permit, job offer letter, and proof of accommodation.
  4. Residence Permit: Upon arrival in Poland, apply for a temporary residence permit to legalize your stay.

Benefits of Working in Poland

Competitive Salaries

While unskilled jobs may not offer high salaries compared to skilled positions, Poland’s cost of living is relatively low, allowing workers to live comfortably. Additionally, wages in Poland are steadily rising as the economy grows.

Cultural Experience

Working in Poland provides a unique opportunity to experience the country’s rich culture, history, and traditions. Living and working alongside locals can enhance your cultural understanding and integration.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Gaining employment in Poland and maintaining a stable job can pave the way for long-term residency. After several years of legal employment and residence, foreign workers may apply for permanent residency.

European Union Access

Poland’s membership in the European Union offers additional benefits, including the potential for mobility within the EU for work or travel.


Poland presents a welcoming environment for foreigners seeking unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship. The country’s growing economy and diverse job market provide numerous opportunities across various sectors. By understanding the visa sponsorship process, actively seeking job opportunities, and preparing a strong application, foreign job seekers can embark on a fulfilling career journey in Poland.

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